Harry Meeking

Dubbed "Hurricane Howie," left winger Harry Meeking was a member two landmark Stanley Cup championship teams.

Meeking's first pro season was with the Toronto Arenas team that won the Stanley Cup in the National Hockey League's inaugural season (1917-18). Meeking recorded a playoff hat trick, a Stanley Cup first by a National Hockey League player.

After spending two seasons in Toronto (scoring 19 goals in 34 career games), Meeking headed west. From 1919 through 1926 Meeking played in the British Columbian capital city of Victoria. He starred with the Aristocrats/Cougars, winning the Stanley Cup in 1925. That Victoria team was the last non-NHL team to win the Stanley Cup.

After the PCHA collapsed and the Victoria Cougars moved to Detroit (where several years later they were renamed the Red Wings), Meeking returned to the NHL. He started the 1926-27 season with Detroit but was traded to Boston after six games for none other than Frank Frederickson.

Meeking, hailed "for his fine skating more than his goal scoring," scored only 1 goal in what proved to be his final NHL season. He played a couple more seasons of minor league puck before retiring in 1929.

Born in Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario, Meeking's departure from Toronto where he was an amateur star, is of interest. He was suspended by the Arenas before the completion of the 1918-19 season and then released. Toronto manager Charlie Querrie refused to divulge the reason for the estrangement, though the Toronto World newspaper hinted at a possible gambling tie-in.


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