Dalton Smith

This is Dalton "Nakina" Smith. He and his brother Carl (aka Winky) were career minor leaguers who both got called up to the Detroit Red Wings in the 1943-44 season. One source suggests both were called up at the same time.

Dalton played in 10 games, scoring 1 goal and 2 assists. His only goal was the game winner against Toronto.

By the way, this Dalton Smith is not to be confused with another Dalton Smith. The Columbus Blue Jackets drafted a different Dalton Smith 34th overall in the 2010 NHL draft. The two Dalton Smiths are of no relation, though the younger Dalton does have some interesting bloodlines of his own. He is the son of former NHLer Derrick Smith, and the nephew of Keith and Wayne Primeau.


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