Dean Morton

Dean Morton became the second player in NHL history to score a goal in his only NHL appearance. Rolly Huard of the 1930 Toronto Maple Leafs was the first.

Morton was a defensive d-man if there ever was one. He only scored 4 goals in 202 AHL and IHL games, though did pop in 6 in the the lowly Colonial Hockey League. He was a physical force both in junior and minor pro but wasn't a great skater and was a replaceable commodity, thus explaining his short career.

Drafted 148th overall from the Ontario Hockey League by Detroit in 1986. He turned pro a couple of seasons later, spending two years with the AHL's Adirondack Red Wings. In the 1989-90 season Morton got his only shot at NHL action, and made the most of it by scoring a goal.

His goal-a-NHL-game pace didn't impress many people apparently. He would spend the next three seasons bouncing around with 6 teams in 3 leagues before hanging up the skates in 1993.

Morton would return to the NHL as a referee in 2000.


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