Emil Hanson

In 1932-33 the Detroit Red Wings signed a fellow named Emil Hanson to a contract. They would use him for only 7 contests (0 points). But in doing so they signed the first and, as of 2011, only player born in South Dakota.

Aside from those handful of games Hanson made a good living playing hockey in the AHA with teams in Minneapolis and St. Paul. He was known for his versatility, playing both on defense and on the wings.


Sandra Vogel,  1:12 PM  

Emil was the brother of my grandfather Emery who also played for the Detroit Olympics that year (and also, I believe their cousin Evy Scotvold) The picture of Emil looks like it was taken from a larger photo. I am wondering if that photo might have showed the 2 brothers together.
PS I lived in Terrace for many years until a few years ago. Thank you for your passion and congratulations on a great site.

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